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getting ready for our first meeting tomorrow! details to follow.



soniaweber feelin’ the boy crush so hard

Ughhhh 😍

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Up close

Lil qtz 😘

So many boy crushes what do I do

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~ six selfies game thing ~ because I never post them and fuck it, I’m cute

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Do it cause you’re cute too ~

What a qttt!



Our First Brains, Your Rival, Blowout

August 8th at S1
4148 NE Hancock St.
9:30pm, $6

Beyond stoked! And come see Blowout with RB the next day at the Horse!!!

Yussss. Everyone come to this siq pool pardee. 


rad rad rad poster our pal Nik from Ladywolf made. We’re getting real psyched around here for this one!

Yessss. This shows gonna rule. Only LxC one left this summer! Come check it out!


Ryan Russell x My Chemical Romance (Gerard) photograph print set - 2nd printing

Back by popular demand, the Gerard Way print set I sold in April 2013. So many of you missed out on this I had to bring it back in a second printing limited again to only 50 sets. On the left & right, live photographs from Atlanta 2011 on the Honda Civic Tour, Killjoys Era. In the middle, one of my favorite photos ever, Gerard backstage before a Texas Projekt Rev show in 2007, Black Parade Era.

You get all 3 prints for only $18! Only 50 sets available! Order at!

My babe

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Todays my last day living at the Tower of Cower (now known as the Darkplace). I seriously cant believe the range of emotions I’ve felt living in this house since day fucking one when I moved in with Logan and Evan.

omg you guys remember when it snowed :’)


buy these at shows and soon at

v cool


a (cool?) thing I did today


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Jenny Holzer - SURVIVAL, 1983-1985 (exhibited as part of Creative Time’s 42nd Street Project 1993)

"Like the Jenny Holzer pieces, you’ve got a lot of people saying, ‘What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?’ And it’s like, well, why are you angry about that and you’re not angry about anything else you see here? About drug dealing, about people with drugs, about homelessness, but you’re getting mad about this sign because people feel it doesn’t belong here. And they feel all the other stuff does." (Theatre Electrician) (x)

Twenty years later, these still feel shocking in the best way. Jenny Holzer forever.


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Back with bae

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