Searching For a Former Clarity.

Sonia Weber\\//Our First Brains\\//Love and Caring\\//Your Rival


Toaster strudel and noodles ❤️


Sonic Youth - Superstar


New Order - Blue Monday


New Dawn Fades // Joy Division

We’ll share a drink and step outside,
An angry voice and one who cried,
'We'll give you everything and more,
The strain’s too much, can’t take much more.’
I’ve walked on water, run through fire,
Can’t seem to feel it anymore.
It was me, waiting for me,
Hoping for something more,
Me, seeing me this time,
Hoping for something else.



Tomorrow night at laughinghorsebooks with golden hour, a certain smile and burntpalms! Our tour return!! Pls bring calming cookies for Ollie

Tonight! Come out and celebrate the first good rainy day!!!

Cool rawk show 2nite!


How long do we have to wait until it’s acceptable to do a comadre cover band for halloween?

Omg lion king 2 right?

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Finally coming home tomorrow and super excited #loveandcaring is playing this. Day time house show, starts at 2PM! At the new scowling house (N Lombard & Kerby). Come hangout with me friendzzz ❤️😘


Baby won fascination (blackout round) twice! So proud 😂

Happy to be reunited with my beach boiz

~emotional~ jam ❤️

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