Searching For a Former Clarity.

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Artist: Blondie

Track: Dreaming

Album: Eat To The Beat
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Lots of fun eating adventures.

Tomorrow! LA duudezzz! #winterbreak #watercolorpaintings #ourfirstbrains #hilaryclinton #voidboys (at Bridgetown DIY)

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How the signs respond to “I love you”


Aries- I love you MORE


Gemini- I love… cake.

Cancer- for how long?

Leo-  Well, why wouldn’t you?

Virgo- Thank you

Libra- I have to pee.

Scorpio- Mhm

Sagittarius- No, I love YOUUUUU

Capricorn- I know.

Aquarius- What even is love?

Pisces- Huh?

V funny

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Qt bass boi


Tonight’s Gender of the night is: SAD TEENAGERS WHO WON’T STAY DEAD

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Megabed confessionals pt. 2

Megabed confessionals pt. 1

So stoked to be playing this on Tuesday!


napping together is my kind of date

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Kind Of Like Spitting /// Born Beautiful


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Tonight at the Doug Fir!

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